Jigozen Shrine Jigozen Shrine


【Address】5-17 Miyajima-cho Hatsukaichi-shi Hiroshima

The shrine is a branch of Itsukushima Shrine dedicated to the god “Ichikishima-no-Mikoto” Itsukushima Island was once prohibited to enter because it used to be considered as sacred. For that reason people used to worship Itsukushima Island through this shrine.

Main event

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御陵衣祭(goryoui sai)

Old calendar May 5
Dedication of the court dance and music, Shinto ritual of the horseback archery (thicket shark) called the horse tobashi are carried out.

管絃祭(kangen sai)

Old calendar June 17th(will be held on July 20th, 2016)
It is a Shinto ritual that has lasted since the Heian Period(794 ? 1185 AD). During the festival, boats called gozasen come and go between Jigozen and Miyajima while kangen, to be exact, court music played with three strings(wagon, biwa, koto), drums(kakko, taiko,shoko) and three flutes(sho, hishikiri, ryuteti) is played. The festival will start at 4 p.m. at Itsukushima Shrine and ends around midnight. During the festival, Jigozen will be busy and crowded with street stalls and people waiting for the arrival of the boats.

Jigozen Shrine Access

car : National highway No. 2 to the Jigozen area. Near Jigozen port.
Hiroden : Get off from Jigozen Station of Miyajima Line, and then walk for 5 minutes.
Bus : Get off from Jigozen Station of Miyajima Line, and then walk for 1 minutes.

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