Itsukushima Shrine Kintaikyo Bridge

Kintaikyo Bridge

Nishiki River, one of the clearest rivers in Japan, and Kintaikyo Bridge, a wooden arch-shaped bridge built over the river. Everyone will be moved by its unique shape that no one could imagine that it was designed more than 300 years ago.

However there were hardships of the constructors lasting for 14 years behind its beauty. Before Kintaikyo Bridge was built, actually many bridges had been built, but Nishiki River, which is usually calm, sometimes became a torrent, and each time a new bridge was built, it was flown away by its swift current. Then not to let the bridge flow away ever again, people stood up and kept thinking hard about how to build a resistible bridge to the torrent. As a result, they managed to construct such a firm arch bridge taking 14 years. That is truly a dream bridge created by the pioneers’ sweat and wisdom. When you visit Kintaikyo Bridge, why don’t you also imagine how hard their challenge was.


Address:Iwakuni City Yamaguchi Prefecture

By bus : 20 min from JR Iwakuni station to Kintaikyo Bridge. The bus runs every 10 to 15 min.
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By car:Go through Route 2 from Iwakuni IC in 10 min


Iwakuni Kintaikyo(Around of Omotenashi Hostel Miyajima)

Main event

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Spring Sightseeing Boat, “Sakura Boat”

Term:March 20th 2016 : May 31st 2016

You can ride a spring sightseeing boat named “Sakura Boat” in the season when Nishiki River is most colorful in a year. While riding the flow of Nishiki River in warm and fresh weather, you can enjoy viewing Kintaikyo and Nishiki River colored with petals of cherry blossoms and canola flowers.

cormorant fishing

Term: June 1st : September 5th

Cormorant Fishing at Kintaikyo Bridgecan view cormorant fishing that boasts approximately 400 years of tradition. You can also enjoy watching it riding a yakata-bune boat(house boat). Many techniques of the cormorant fishing shown in the very close distance as if you could touch it if you stretch your arm are really incredible. We recommend you to try this once. → For more information

Kintaikyo Bridge Firework Display

Schedule: 8p.m. : 9:30p.m. August 6th 2016

Six thousands fireworks will beautifully color Nisiki River with lightened Kintaikyo Bridge. Since the fireworks will be set off nearby Kintaikyo Bridge, watching them in the very close distance must be overwhelming and amazing!!

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